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HaiTong - Professional China Sheet Metal Fabrication Company
We manufacture a wide array of excellent metal stamping parts for different market sector universal including household appliance, lighting, automotive, power transmission, motorcycle, electronic industries, and furniture. We spotlight on much more personalized incredible service to our specific client, where some organizations these days care regarding anymore. 

Our experienced manufacturing team combines both the latest and traditional manufacturing technologies. Along with this, we also bring additional value to your all stamping parts. These are specialized features of china metal fabrication company that make us a perfect metal stamping partner for everyone. We manufacture different types of high-quality products that help customers to increase their productivity. Along with this, we also help you to position your business for nonstop success. As a professional Sheet Metal Fabrication Company, we manufacture different kinds of precise stamping parts in varied materials, shapes, and flat sheet sizes, assists you to maximize productivity as well as place your organization for stable achievement. 

Our primary focus is on the quality of all metal parts. We supply the full service and excellent metal stamping services based on your individual specifications that range from quick prototyping to huge product. Our team of talented engineers can provide their professional and excellent solution in the parts design stage, in-house tooling manufacturing, mass production, tooling trail and much more.

We, Hai Tong a proficient company of precision stamping, endeavor to stably satisfy and also exceed the requirements as well as expectations of our precious client. We also constantly enhance our manufacturing activities, improve our position in the market as well as concentrate on the quality of every single part. Our company is the ultimate source for custom sheet metal forming to clients. Our capability to provide or valued consumer along with outstanding quality as well as cost effective metal stamping & sheet metal fabrication services

We upgrade machinery constantly to rectify our client specific demands of the accuracy as well as minimum cost stamping divisions and also training our workers at an interval along with new manufacturing modern technologies. Our professional experts are highly skilled to meet the complexity of developing short & long run stamping.  We also give value added attractive services to stamping such as spot welding, painting, brushing and much more that make your metal stamping division high durability as well as stylish look.  Therefore, to get high-quality stamping service we are the exact place for you to get best deals.

We supply many custom stamping parts which are ideal for house appliances, telecommunication, lighting, electronics, and IPTV set top case, microwave, switch board, induction cooker and much more. Most of the parts are used as metal hosing, metal casing, metal cabinet, metal clamp, metal bracket, metal box, etc. These are useful products that make your finished parts look elegant and durable. We also offer you TIG welding, plating, anodizing, e-coating, powder coating, anodizing, grinding and much more. These are specially designed solutions that will suit the specific requirements of customers. 

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