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    HAI TONG METAL PRODUCTS LIMITED is one of our reliable manufacturers for our outsourced metal fabricated parts in China,  we subcontracted our metal casing/housing and its components to them, they always keep their commitment to our orders both small volume and big volume, all parts fit very well for our assembly, excellent quality with on time delivery, I like their jobs and will keep stay with them for all our future business.    
    By Kestutis Banisauskas from Vigintos Elektronika, Lithuania
    Dear Bruce, Thank you! I got the parcel and it seems, the compound die stamping parts are ok. I will send you new inquiries asap. 
    By Jordan
    Thank you for all of your work on high speed precision stamping parts. These price look very fair. I understand the higher price due to the size of this case. It has to be strong for industrial use.
    By Dieter
    As they introduced, Tai Tong has a diverse, highly qualified and experienced engineering staff that brings expertise from many areas .Their complete tool and die shop is capable of building multiple complex class A progressive tools, such as deep drawn stampings and similar parts, with short lead times and at highly competitive prices. It is a nice experience to have business with them!
    By William
    Thank you for your perfect job! Your experienced staff have worked with us through every aspect of metal stamping. From selecting the best material and the most effective class A tooling to manufacturing the finished precision formed part. We really appreciated it! And we will choose to cooperate with you in the future if we need metal stamping services. 
    By Alan Wilson
    Hello Bruce, you are really a team ofrespected provider of premium quality, precision stamped products. We have received your shipping boxes, your metal stamped components are 100% defect-free inside and theseprecision stamped parts are exactly fit to our requirements. We also appreciated very much that you gave us this on-time delivery and offered very competitive pricing. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the next cooperation!
    By John Robertson
    As we received the presicion stamping products, we are so satisfied and happy. We can't believed that your levels of engineering, metal stamped part production and overall performance is an art form your presicion stamping products had been manufactured to our exact  specifications and to the highest quality standards. it really is your engineering expertise that transforms standard stamping into a metal working masterpiece. Thanks so much!
    By Richard Eichelberg
    You have a strong control on the timeliness and quality of die production and part production, giving us a more affordable, higher quality product that arrives on the doorstep faster. Thank you for giving us the quick and  high-quality metal stamping service!
    By Bill
    We really appreciated your quality cost-effective precision metal stamping services! Your metal stamping methods are  fast, reliable, and multi-functional. And we found that the metal stamping parts have a good quality to performance. Thank you so much!
    By David Smith
    Deep drawn stampings are done right at your company! We take a great deal of pride in working with your engineers to ensure the product we are receiving fits our needs and specifications. Your professional skills in the manufacturing process surpassed our expection. No wonder you have a good reputation in the industry, you are experts we can trust. We will only cooperate with you latter on. Thanks!
    By Carl Syverstad

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