A professional manufacturer of metal stamping
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  • Engineering Design
    Engineering Design
    Dongguan Xinhongyuan Metal Products Limited knows how to take a design from function, shape and fit, to a quality stamping part that can be manufactured consistently and stablely, we own inhouse tools/dies design department...
  • Tool Dies Fabrication
    Tool Dies Fabrication
    We guarantee our stamping capabilities with precision tools design and dies fabrication.    With excellent tools design, our toolmakers realize its design with advanced machinery and throw it into mass production professionally,...
  • Our Equipment
    Our Equipment
    Dongguan Xinhongyuan Metal Products Limited design and fabricate stamping die and tool inhouse with high advanced precision facilities in China, most equipment are introduced from Taiwan, and all of our equipment will be upgraded with the...

Professional Manufacturer of Metal Stampings

Donggguan Xinhongyuan Metal Products Limited is a definitive source and export-oriented  company for custom metal stamping and sheet metal parts services with ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification. We have been established in 2003 and located in Dongguan, manufacuring center of China with 1400sqm, We have success in continuous growth accompanied by our reliable commitment and on-time delivery to customers and our ability to supply our valued customers with the most excellent quality and cost-effective metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication...

China Metal Fabrication Company

We use specialized and latest technology to bring china sheet metal fabrication with maximum benefits. We always try to satisfy as well as exceed your requirements and expectations. Metal Fabrication is the process that is involved in placing the sheet metal into the required shape with the help of the tool or the die surface. This manufacturing process can be made with the help of all the metal press and the stamping machines. Most China Metal Fabrication Companies use the metal stamping to shape the thin and flat sheet metal into the desired shape. Most of the companies will help with the metal stamping supplies which can bring more profit to the company.

Precision Metal Stamping

When the customer has requested for the low cost metal stamping but with the quick delivery then the manufacturing of the precision metal stamping could be the best choice as they can be easily manufactured with the quick labor and can be reliable and stable with the high quality. The application of the precision stamping is not limited to automobile, agriculture, electronics, lighting of LED, hardware and much more applications. This stamping process can be fully automated which can be produced at high quantity with good quality that too with the limited labor which is the added advantage of the metal.

Deep Drawn Stamping

Hai Tong Metal Products Limited is the best Deep Drawn Stamping manufacturer and supplier in China. If you have an order that has complex design then the best choice of metal stamping will be the deep drawn stamping which can be used to produce the complex shapes at the faster rates. These complex shapes can be achieved only if the metals like aluminum, stainless steel, brass or copper are used. Only the metal that has the high flexibility is involved in this process as they need to produce the complex shapes of the products. Many sheet metal stamping types are available and they are chosen based on the shape and the size requested by the customer.

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