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What is Progressive Die Metal Stamping?

Progressive die metal stamping is not only the most common metal stamping process but also the most economical type of stamping. Progressive die metal stamping is ideal for high volume production runs. Progressive die metal stamping uses a continuous feed of material passing through multiple stations to form complete parts. Using sequential stations in the same die, parts do not require transfer to multiple stamping presses, reducing handling, processing time and costs. These factors offset the higher initial investment in the design and manufacture of the progressive die used during manufacturing. 

Progressive Die Metal Stamping

HaiTong offers custom progressive die metal stampings for all industries. Our engineers will design and manufacture a high quality progressive die to ensure that the finished part meets your exact specifications. We have rich experience to ensure that your part will be manufactured to your requirements and to the highest quality standards. You are welcome to contact us! Tel:86-769-87198250

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