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Save Time and Money By Progressive Die Stamping

Progressive stampings are formed through a metal forming process that is often referred to as progressive die stamping. A die is a press tool for cutting or forming material in a stamping machine, and this process utilizes several dies together on the same piece of sheet metal, and is able to combine punching, bending and stretching process. It can modify various types and grades of metal raw material, combined with an automatic feeding system. 

As for efficiency and economy, progressive die stamping is suitable for high volume mass production, and because most small stamping parts with high volume, so most progressive stamping parts is small parts. It's widely use in electronic metal parts production, such as sheet contact terminal and all small stamping parts. 

Progressive Die Stamping

Thanks to progressive die stamping, we can perform a series of production tasks such as cutting and forming simultaneously during each press stroke, minimizing the time it takes to give you the perfect part. Many companies have found success and savings by using progressive die stamping for complex forms that require materials with multiple or varying thickness. It not only can reduce the numbers of punches, plant area, but also reduce transport and storage of semi-finished products occupy.

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