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Capabilities of Hai Tong Metal Stampings

Hai Tong is a leading Metal Stamping Manufacturer of Compound Die Stamping, Deep Drawn Stamping, High Speed Precision Stamping, Precision Stamping, Progressive Die Stamping in China. Hai Tong knows how to take a design from function, shape and fit, to a quality stamping part that can be manufactured consistently and stablely, we own inhouse tools/dies design department consist of 4 dynamic and veteran engineers who are dedicated to tools, dies, design for at least 10 years in metal stamping and sheet metal parts fields and served at FOXCONN and SAMSUNG etc which are 500 fortune in the world. 

Compound Die Stamping 

Compound dies are most effective for smaller production runs with limited budget on stamping tools, this is very cost-effective method to make medium to high volume stamping parts and keep labor cost and stamping tools cost low. 

Progressive Die Stamping 

Progressive die stamping is one of metal forming methods widely used to manufacture stamping parts for various industries, for example, automotive, electronics, household appliances and lighting. Progressive die stamping consists of many individual stroke, each of them performs different operation on the part. The part is carried smoothly in the tooling from one stroke to another station by the scrap strip and is cut off from the scrap strip in the final stroke.

Progressive Die Stamping

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