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The direction of progressive die stamping in the future

In the development of automotive industry, progressive die stamping technology will direct the following trends in the future.

1. The three-dimensional design of die will be improved

The three-dimensional design of die is an important part of the digital die stamping technology, which is the basis for the integration of die design, manufacturing and inspection. 

2. CAE will play a more important role in stamping process

In recent years, with the rapid development of computer software and hardware, CAE of stamping process is more and more important.

3. Digital die stamping technology has become the main trend 

In recent years, the rapidly developed digital die stamping technology is an effective way for automotive industry to solve many problems. 

4. Rapid development of automotive die stamping

Advanced processing technology and equipment is the important foundation to improve productivity and ensure product quality. 

5. High strength steel plate stamping technology is direction in the future

In terms of strain hardening, strain distribution capability and collision energy absorption these excellent properties, high strength steels are increasingly used in automobiles. 

6. The surface treatment technology of progressive die stamping parts will be reused 

The quality and performance of materials are two important factors to the quality, service life, manufacturing cost of progressive die stamping parts. 

7. Precise die stamping is an inevitable trend 

Precise die stamping is the performance of rational die structure design, high precision die processing, reliable and high quality die stamping products.

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