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The applications of progressive die stamping parts

Progressive die stamping is one of metal forming processes that is widely used in the production of various parts of automobiles, electronics and electrical appliances. Progressive die stamping consists of several independent workstations, each of which performs one or more different operations on the part. Of the partial slaves are transported through the stock strip to the stage and the last operation in the cut strip. 

progressive die stamping parts

Progressive die stamping parts depend on size, complexity, and production volume. Progressive die stamping is used to produce a large number of parts, and maintain the lowest cost as possible. It also need to meet the required precision and durability. 

A good example of progressive die stamping parts is the cover of a beverage can. The cover is pulled by progressive die stamping process and assembled at right angle to the can. A variety of automotive calipers can be bent into plate by progressive die stamping process, too.

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