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Quotes of Deep Drawn Stamping from United Arab Emirates
Here are the quotes of Deep Drawn Stamping from United Arab Emirates. They are looking for Deep Drawing Mold, A36 steel or equivalent weldable material. What are you looking for?

1. Please quote 1000 and 2000 of the attached 

2. We are looking for Deep Drawing Mold for our products, Is it in your activity supplying Deep Drawing Mold as our design or no? I attached one sample of our design by IGS formatted, Thanks & Best regards

3. We are in the process of developing a product (in 3 different sizes) and would like to get quotes on them. We're looking for A36 steel or equivalent weldable material with a thickness of 3/16 inch. We're eventually interested in a production size of 5,000 to 10,000. If you send me an email I can send you all of our part files as well as 2D part drawings.

Copper Stamping Caps
Hai Tong has well-skilled expert that allows us to make complex shapes with the capability to draw parts up to 5" deep, and we are able to produce deep drawn stamping parts with variety of materials such like stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316), aluminum, brass, copper, iron, as well as other cold rolled steel alloys. Our deep drawn parts are widely used as cans, caps, connectors, cups, eyelets, housings, shells, hose fittings, and so on.

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