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The Core Technology of Deep Drawn Stamping at Hai Tong

Do you know about the technology of Deep Drawn Stamping? You can clear know what is Deep Drawn Stamping after you read this article.


What is the technology of Deep Drawn Stamping?


Deep drawn stamping is a metal stamping process used to form metal sheets into various kinds of hollow axisymmetric components.

This form of metal stamping involves applying a punching force to a metal sheet, thereby causing it to be drawn radially into a die cavity. First, the metal sheet is placed on a forming die. The sheet is held in place at the ends via a compressive force applied by a blank holder. An axial force is then applied to the sheet metal via a mechanical punch tool, causing the workpiece to deform and flow into the die cavity, which creates the desired shape.

“Deep drawing” is so named because the final components usually have depths that exceed their diameter.

Advantages of the core Technology-Deep Drawn Stamping at Hai Tong


Hai Tong has well-skilled expert that allows us to make complex shapes with the capability to draw parts up to 5" deep, and we are able to produce deep drawn metal stamping parts with variety of materials such like stainless steel(SUS304,SUS316), aluminum, brass, copper, iron, as well as other cold rolled steel alloys. Our deep drawn parts are widely used as cans, caps, connectors, cups, eyelets, housings, shells, hose fittings, and so on.


Deep drawn metal stamping parts have many benefits as following:


1. One piece forming, no seams or joints by welding with good-looking

2. Economical use of raw materials, less scrap rate

3. No high tooling cost

4. Tight tolerances

5. Consistent part quality

6. Economical for high volume stampings, can be progressive die stamped.


Hai tong develop and fabricate deep drawn dies and progressive dies for small deep drawn parts, we can make such small parts with fast delivery and stable quality and high precision, copper caps are made by progressive die deep drawn stamping with high precision, which are used as cap on fuse or loudspeaker, capability is 700000pcs daily, which are used as caps and cans on loudspeaker, fuse, battery, etc.

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