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Technology of metal stamping

Main staming processes in stamping field include blanking, bending, embossing, drawing, pressing, coining and flanging, etc. In these core processes, blanking is the biggest sector in the market in the recent past, followed by bending, riveting, spot welding, etc.

The blanking process is expected to witness huge growth with the growing demand from automotive industry. Developing market in Asia Pacific is expected to witness stable growth over period due to favorable government initiatives to fuel industrialization and infrastructure.

Bending witness growth over decades due to high demand from the end-use industries like electronics and automotive, and several operational advantages such as easy adjustability, tolerant to metal thickness variations and little tonnage required for bending, further, if bending is done out of toolings, the dimensions will be more stable and precise, to satisfy precision electronics' demands.

 Metal casing for LED lightingmetal stamped casing for lightingmetal housing for LED lighting metal stamped casing for safety lighting


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