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Quotes of sheet metal stamping parts from Slovakia
Here are the quotes of sheet metal stamping part from Slovakia clients in December 2018. What stamping part do you need? If you want to know more metal stamping services, welcome to contact us: bruce.luo@htmetalstampings.com

1. Hi, please quote parts in attachment with delivery cost and delivery time to Slovakia with detail description of packaging because parts are very sensitive on demage. RXCHB1205H - 500pcs RXCHB1205V - 700pcs thanks

2. Please put me in contact with your sales manager i would like to collect some quotation for our sheet metal product

3. Please quote for tooling and production of 10k, 20k, 50k and 100k of each part.

Hai Tong Metal Products Limited is a definitive source for custom metal stamping and Office sheet metal parts services. We have been established in 2003 and located in Guangdong, China and with 1600sqm, We have succeed in continuous growth accompanied by our reliable commitment and on-time delivery to customers and our ability to supply our valued customers with the most excellent quality and cost-effective metal stamping and sheet metal fabrication services.  

We can perform stamping, fine blanking, bending, NCT bending, progressive die stamping, deep drawn stamping, wireform, laser cut, TIG welding, grinding in house, which can meet your requests for different processings from one supplier. China OEM metal stamping parts company supply good quality metal stamping parts to lighting, household appliance, heating appliance, hardware, architecture, IPTV set top box, DVD case, medical, led lighting, widely used as metal casing, metal case, metal stamped casing, metal housing, sheet metal casing, metal box, metal bracket, metal clip, metal clamp, metal plate, steel plate, nail stamping plate, the material we used is iron, mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, SECC, SPCC, etc. We involve in all stages of new projects from design, prototyping, short run production, mass production, share production knowledge with customers.

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