Our core capabilities in metal stamping field 

At Hai Tong Metal Products Limited, our professional stamping service bring value to our customers involved in automotive, medical, architecture, electronics, lighting, motorcycle,etc. Hai Tong is one of successful metal forming companies for four of these factors: Top Quality, On-time Delivery, Reasonable Price, and value added service, Hai Tong's difference is in the value added service, because we employ a stable, flexible, and loyal workers who are professional in different fields like tools design, tools fabrication, TIG welding, brazing, grinding, polishing, brushing, powder coating, painting, anodizing, plating, assembly, etc. We are able to expand our metal stamping service to meet vast challenges when customers present to us. New production capacity can be added easily. People can be moved to your project when necessary to keep on time delivery. This provides you with a big advantage. The combination of professional workers, the latest technology, and quality control of processes combine to create the trustful capacity to meet delivery schedules with the top quality stamping parts at competitive pricing. 

Engineering & Inhouse tool room 

Our Skilled engineers involve in development of your stamping parts in the beginning at request by customers, they supply their professional advices on how to make your parts at lowest cost, stable quality, they design tools by AUTOCAD, PRESSCAD, UG and every details will be listed in the drawings, For complex parts, they analyze the whole processes by 3D simulation software, to eliminate all possible faults in advance.Tools fabrication will be finished inhouse like wire cutting, EDM wire cutting, grinding, milling, assembly, which can be monitored and controlled by our workers on site, this guarantee our sharp lead time for tools building. 

Quality Assurance 

QA staffs will guarantee quality system running correctly and strictly from material incoming to outgoing using mircometer, caliper, spectrometer, hardness tester ,etc, they perform their jobs per SOP and quality control specification prepared by our processes engineers, effective quality system guarantee our our quality parts satisfy our customers, which save huge time and cost at customers who have to spend lot of time to quality check and sorting or rework. 

On time Delivery 

Time is money, delivery date for every order will be confirmed and settled down per our production schedule and customers' special request, for some urgent orders, we will arrange for production with special way, both small and large orders will be manufactured and delivered within agreed delivery date, to save extra handling cost for customers.

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